What we are?

We are an eHealth company that improves people's quality of life with rare and chronic diseases.

How we do?

Helping patients and their loved ones, health organizations and providers to jump into the digital transformation of personalized care. We develop digital technologies based on real-world evidence (RWE)


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User centricity

By putting users at the center, both physicians and patients will benefit daily from the use of digital tools that facilitate access not only to better and more efficient diagnoses but also to the necessary health care services, which results in the users' improved quality of life.


Patient & treatment journey

It is time to create and design digital care pathways for remote patient care. Lack of data and integration of information in health systems hinders access to treatment. During treatment, it is essential to accompany patients, as well as their families, and empower them through information and tools that would allow them to improve their compliance with such treatment.



We are a digital bridge of contact between health care providers/professionals and patients diagnosed with rare or chronic diseases. We offer solutions and tailor our digital tools to the specific needs and requirements of each pathology, analyzing anonymized data collected using omnichannel engagement strategies.

Trusted partners:

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